Hospice of Cincinnati

Bob and Karen Mihovk

Bob and Karen Mihovk are longtime, loyal donors Fernside. We are thrilled to feature them. Bob and Karen are owner/operators of Mihovk-Rosenacker Funeral Homes, a fourth-generation funeral home founded in Cincinnati in the late 1800s. After opening their newest location in the Blue Ash/Evendale area in 2004, they became annual sponsors of the Fernside Classic – our single largest fundraiser, never missing a year!

Sponsoring the Fernside Classic is something Bob and Karen feel very passionate about. In 1998, their brother-in-law passed away at the age of 39 in Cleveland, Ohio, leaving behind his wife and two young daughters. They wish that Fernside’s services could have been available in Cleveland because they understand the benefits and support their nieces would have received. Bob and Karen wholeheartedly believe in the work Fernside does with grieving families and that’s what keeps them sponsoring every year!

This year, in addition to their annual support of the Fernside Classic, we received an unexpected gift on Valentine’s Day. As sponsors of our grant application to the Matthew’s Children’s Foundation, Bob and Karen hand-delivered the check they received from the foundation to Fernside. However, they not only had our grant award, but also had decided to match the grant award with a check of their own!

Thank you, Karen and Bob, for your continued and loyal support!

Karen and Bob Mihovk