Hospice of Cincinnati

The Martini Family

Each year in July, the Martini Family which includes, Greg, Lori, Robby & Tony have a balloon release to remember their son, Joey, who died on July 11th, 2010, shortly before his 3rd birthday. In addition to remembering Joey, the family collects donations for Fernside which over the years have totaled an incredible $4,516.10!

“ Joey’s birthday is July 26th...He would tell everybody, ’I am going to have a party and invite all my friends.’ Joey died July 11th. Since having a birthday party was so important to him, our family and friends gather at the cemetery to give Joey a birthday party. We sing happy birthday release balloons with messages of how much we love him and miss him. Fernside gave my kids a place to go were they could be around kids who, unfortunately, had experienced similar things.”

– Greg Martini


The Martini Family
Joey’s brothers– Tony, 2011 Fernside Summer Camp (L), and Robby, 2018 Fernside Greeter (R).