Hospice of Cincinnati

Natalie and Kirk Augspurger

Natalie Lucas and her daughter Amanda attended Fernside’s support groups in 1995 after Natalie’s husband and Amanda’s father, Glen Lucas, died suddenly. Amanda was just five years old.

After benefiting from our services, Natalie and Amanda first started to give back to Fernside in 2002 when they became volunteer greeters, picking up and serving pizza to families who followed in their footsteps. Throughout their years of volunteering, we watched Amanda go through high school and leave for college, growing into a young woman who is now married herself! During this time, Natalie met Kirk Augspurger, himself a widower.

Over the past several years, Natalie and Kirk have become loyal and avid Fernside donors. Recently they began to make gifts of stock to Fernside. This method of giving has become increasingly popular in recent years and Fernside has been the lucky recipient of Natalie and Kirk’s generosity.

Thanks Natalie & Kirk for your continued support!

Natalie and Kirk Augspurger

“In the past we have given small donations to Fernside. Due to our great admiration for the organization, we wanted to further support the mission by making a large donation. By giving our gift in stock we could truly maximize the value of our donation." ~ Natalie Augspurger